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Custom Designed Shade Sails in Penrith

When you have large open spaces on your commercial or residential property, you want to make maximum use of them. For instance, if you have a large poolside area, or an impressive deck or large patio, you may want to use it effectively during the daytime too. The one way to do this is to get shade sails in Penrith installed. Though there are a large number of products in the market that you can choose from, it’s important that you opt for high quality ones.

This is important because any outdoor shading product is directly exposed to the elements- the harsh UV rays of the sun and the rain can impact the materials used in the installation and it will deteriorate very soon in case it is made of sub-standard materials. When you want shade sails in Penrith, Alcorp Pty Ltd is the company to come to.  We have the expertise and the experience to provide high grade products that will last for years and provide true value for money.

High Quality Products

We have a variety of products to choose from and all of them are made of the highest quality material and can be customised to your needs. If you need any type of shade sails in Penrith, we can custom design them for you. We use commercial-grade, 99% UV-resistant and 100% waterproof fabric in the manufacture of our sails.

The supporting structure is made of anti-corrosive material and provides years of trouble-free service. We are a customer-centric company and work very closely with you, to understand what your specific requirements are. Keeping these in view, we provide solutions that are in-line with your requirements.

Wide Variety of Products

We have different products you can choose from for your outdoor shading needs:

⚫ Shade sails in Penrith - These products are ideal for use on patios, decks, poolscapes and any other open space in your garden or yard. The material is weather-resistant and very long lasting- you can choose from custom-designed solutions or from our standard design range. Regardless of which one you choose, you are assured of high quality products at the most cost-effective price points.

⚫ Awnings - These outdoor shading features are an excellent option to shade balconies, French doors and the exterior of any large windows. Though these windows let in a lot of natural light, you don’t want the direct sunlight to filter in- this fades the furnishing, carpets and furniture in the rooms. When you have awnings outside these windows, it also helps in maintaining a more comfortable indoor temperature in the indoor spaces and helps reduce your air-conditioning bills.

You can choose between retractable and non-retractable shading structures as well as manual and motorised ones. We also have a large number of umbrellas that you can choose from- these are available in different sizes, shapes and colours. If you are looking for high grade shading products such as shade sails in Penrith, call Alcorp Pty Ltd at 0411 638 993. Alternatively, use this Contact Form to connect with us.

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