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Customised Shade Sails in Merrylands

Outdoor spaces on a property are a definite asset- they become ideal relaxation spots and are the perfect entertainment zone too.  The one way to make the most of these areas is to get shade sails in Merrylands installed. At Alcorp Pty Ltd, we specialise in the installation of these and a range of outdoor features that help create the perfect look and ambience on your property. When it comes to any type of outdoor shading products, we are the experts that commercial and residential property owners opt for.  In addition to effectively shading the outdoor areas, these features also help in lowering the indoor temperature in your home.

Different Products

We are highly focused in providing our customers with high grade, customised shade sails in Merrylands, and if you have a requirement for any type of awnings or shade sails, we are the only company you will need to come to. Regardless of how large or small your requirement is, we can provide you solutions that are completely in sync with your needs.  We provide a variety of outdoor shading structures such as:

⚫ Shade Sails in Merrylands - Our shade sails in Merrylands are made of 100% waterproof materials and this means you can use the outdoor spaces on your property even when there is a slight drizzle. The sails provide upto 99% of UV protection and ensure that you are able to comfortably use these spaces even when the sun is blazing hot. They become the perfect installation for patios, decks, poolscapes and any other area in your garden yard, or even courtyards in commercial spaces.

These installations look elegant, have an unobtrusive design and you can choose from a range of styles and colours. This helps you create the look you want on your property. While we have a number of standard sizes and styles that you can choose from, we can also custom design these products for you.

 Awnings & Umbrellas - Many of our customers like to get awnings installed on the exterior of their home structure. These can be fitted above large windows, French doors, balconies, decks and patios. It’s a great way to shade the indoor spaces from the direct rays of the sun. When you have attractive outdoors spaces on your property or a great view outside, you don’t want to draw the curtains during the daytime.

Adding an awning on the outside of the windows allows you to get the shade you want, without compromising on the view. We also have a wide range of umbrellas. Since these are standalone features, they can be positioned at any place in your garden, yard or commercial property.

We can custom design shade sails in Merrylands, as well as awnings and umbrellas too. If you have any unusual requests in terms of special sizes or styling, we can cater to those as well. In addition, we can replace any old shade sails in Merrylands that you may have on your property. For more information, call Alcorp Pty Ltd at 0411 638 993. Alternatively, use this Contact Form to connect with us.

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