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The harsh Australian summers can keep the most outdoor-sy of us indoors. It can be cruel out there and sitting on the porch for hours is something that is just not possible during these hot months. But now you have a reason to hang outdoors more often. We are Alcorp Pty Ltd, the best sellers of shade sails in Blacktown. Get upto 90% protection against the harmful UV rays of the sun with our quality shade sails and enjoy those areas of your property which get too heated up because of the sun! Our products are sturdy and they will last you long. You don’t even have to do much to maintain them.

Perfect for residences

There may be quite a few areas of your residence that you don’t use because the sun’s rays can be a bit too much to handle. Who wants to increase their risk of getting afflicted with skin cancer and a host of other skin diseases, right? Absolutely. That is why our shade sails in Blacktown make such perfect sense. They are great for areas of your property which get a lot of sun which prevents you and your family from using them. Areas like your porch, the yard, the garden or even the roof (if you have a flat one) can be used a lot more if you have our shade sails installed in them. They will protect your family from the rays of the sun and they will increase their usability in the process.

Great for businesses

If you own a business and are always looking for ways to promote it, then our shade sails in Blacktown can be a great idea. Attention-seeking and eye-catching, they are wonderful as a display and a cost-effective way to advertise. You can have fun with the huge variety of colours and styles we have on offer. Also have a look at the awnings and umbrellas we stock. They too are great for commercial purposes.

Why shop for shade sails in Blacktown from us?

We offer our customers a number of benefits that you won’t get anywhere else.

⚫ Our affordable prices are really great.

⚫ We are known for our wide variety of shade sails, awnings and umbrellas. No matter what colour or shade you prefer, we are sure that we are going to be able to find something you like.

⚫ Our products are multipurpose and highly usable.

The truth is that shade sails are a cool new way of adding casual attractiveness to your property. They make a lot of sense for birthday parties for kids and even corporate events when you have an open space and need a lot of shade for guests. They are very cost-effective. For some really cool shade sails in Blacktown, do give us at Alcorp Pty Ltd a ring at our phone number 0411 638 993 today to get started or you can write to us through the form available at our website at the 

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